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Originally posted by PeterR
Well my only saving grace is the last time I was corrected over this by Shihan it was because I did not correct enough.
To be more serious, that was one definite difference about my visit to the Tomiki folks. I was always paired off with someone. Most classes, in my experience, tend to be fumble around affairs where everyone runs to their favorites and trains. I've gone to some places as a visitor and wound up scrambling for a partner which interestingly is usually a beginner who also didn't jump fast enough.

Personally, I don't mind working with beginners, and I'm comfortable that I do more good than bad, but it seems more than a little bit strange that a dojo would entrust a visitor, whom they don't really know, with the most important part of their crop, so to speak.

And, the idea of learning to teach from the beginning is incredibly valuable.
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