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Re: Kotegaeshi as an expression of love

Mike Logan wrote:
e. Maybe mine is the lovey-dovey version you're looking for David?
I am not looking for a lovey-dovey version of kotegaeshi or any Aikido technique. The techniques of Aikido like kotegaeshi were intended to disable an opponent by dislocation or breaking the wrist,elbow,shoulder so that he could be killed or unable to fight anymore. We do not practice kotegaeshi this way now, but the dangers of injury in practice is still there if nage does not practice kotegaeshi the way he/she was taught to. There are variations to kotegaeshi that can result in injury in practice or even worse if used outside the dojo against someone who does not know ukemi. It is the control that nage learns and uses that prevents the injuries. In practice why do you use that control so you don't hurt uke? Isn't learning a technique that can seriously injure or kill someone but practicing it in a way not to the basic, beginning way to express the love O'Sensei talked about?
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