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Re: Kotegaeshi as an expression of love

maybe sew on some hearts
I would imagine it terribly inappropriate to have a heart on during practice. And to anyone missing the joke, read it out loud, unless you're at work.


On the serous note, I find my kote gaeshi to be odd. While it brings people down, I have more the experience of suddenly stretching out uke into a prone position (Sounds weirder than it looks) than being able to illicit a break fall. I believe it has to do with a deficiency in tenkan throughout the technique. They always go down, but it's not as slam-bam thank you mam as it could be. Maybe mine is the lovey-dovey version you're looking for David?

Irimi tenkan off line to the outside of tsuki (for descriptions sake), but instead of the full second tenkan with the throw, I have the habit of stepping perpendicularly away from the line of attack during the throw. It's like a part turn, but not a full tenkan, and while it stretches them out to the point of backfalling, it doesn't twist them up enough for a breakfall.

Just thought I'd toss that out for analysis. My brain is pretty sure that's the reasoning behind my wimpy kote gaeshi, but my body is not quite there yet.

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