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Re: Kotegaeshi as an expression of love

David Skaggs wrote:
To O'Sensei Budo is love, Aikido is the true Budo then Aikido is an expression of love. Where in the execution of kotegaeshi is love expressed?
To a surgeon -- it is love to cut off a finger -- to save the hand -- the hand, to save the arm -- the arm, to save the man.

Budo is love -- and those who practice budo must be just as brutal and as precise as the surgeon, clearly perceiving the danger with unsentimental necessity, and removing the source of danger, while leaving what is unoffending as untouched as his skill and the needs of circumstance allow. Aikido trains us in such skills, too make any attack unthreatening, and within our power to heal, or staunch at least, rather than merely to cut it off.

Kotgaeshi? -- Better to take his balance than his wrist, better his wrist than his elbow, better his elbow than his whole arm, and better them all than taking his head and his entire life with it.


Erick Mead
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