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phil farmer
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Re: Competition again!!!

Hi all,

I guess since I practice and teach Yoseikan, I can offer a comment or two about competition. George was right early on in the thread when he mentioned atemi and Yoseikan, we have long added atemi in what we do, this was Minoru Mochizuki's thinking and experience. He came back from Europe in the very early 50's and explained to O Sensei that pure aiki did not work in every experience he had with other styles and he often resorted to his judo, karate, or jiujitsu knowledge and skills to supplement.

Now a quick fast forward to today. Yoseikan Budo does competition on a regular basis. Hiroo Mochizuki Shihan's reasoning is that it is the closest we can come to actual combat and stil not injure one another. His believe is in the definition of "learning together" as the meaning of competition. We do have specific rules and wear full headgear with face mask, gloves, foot and shin guards and chest protectors with throat guards. We do free sparring types of competition with kicks, punches, throws and pins and use padded weapons as well. The goal, education, mutual learning in a safe environment.

Education and developing a "fighting spirit" is the goal. Safety is the second goal. Shihan feels that we live in a world where we all compete every day, tempering the spirit properly teaches us that it is truly not about who wins but what we learn during the process.

The information above is taken from an article written a few years ago by Hiroo Mochizuki. I hope this gives some new information about competition, at least where Yoseikan's view of it is concerned.

I also agree that the old view of one throw or one atemi can kill was reflective of a certain time and a certain mindset. The world changes quickly.

Phil Farmer
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