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Re: Wrist Exercises

I don't think the wrist warmup exercises really do that much. It's more of a warmup for the basic ways they are likely to be twisted in class. If you really wanted to increase your wrists' ROM in those positions, you'd have to hold the stretches much longer and perform them much more frequently, but I doubt deliberately increasing the ROM is a good idea anyway.

'Strengthening the wrist' is sort of a misnomer, as all the muscles that effect it are in the forearm. There are several different types of grip strength - usually classified into categories like pinch grip, crush grip, rock-climber's grip, and holding grip - which can be trained separately for their specific properties. There are even "grip athletes". Training in these grips works some of the same muscles that flex and extend the wrist, but forward and reverse wrist curls with barbells or dumbbells are the most direct way. Any or all of these exercises would probably strengthen the connective tissues in the wrist over time if done properly in the context of a well-designed routine.

I've never liked any grip or specific wrist exercises as they usually involve pain and perceptible grinding sensations for me. Unless you have problems with weakness or injury in your wrists, I wouldn't bother.

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