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Seeing Yourself

Just a quick bit of wisdom to anyone who wants to see how far they are off from their own image of how they do aikido.

I recently had to tape myself in a class for a school assignment. I figured I would look pretty good. Wrong!

My shoulders would tighten up whenever I would fall, I was leaning over, I was doing some weird thing with my hands when I grabbed, I was constantly fixing my gi or touching my face or a thousand different other things that I shouldn't be bother with during class, I lifted my back foot up before stepping back for ushiroukemi, my grabs weren't anywhere near commited enough, I was throwing halfway and letting uke do the rest, etc., etc. etc.

I was WAY off of what I thought I was doing. Luckily, now I know what I need to do. It's working out much better.

To see yourself, get a tape. Or enlightenment, but a tape's easier. ;^)

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