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Mike Sigman
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Re: Back Problems

Ahmad Abas wrote:
Mike... is this reverse breathing? I'm trying it out, also feels a like i'm about to do mingwen when applying the pressure to the spine through the abdomen. are you sure I shouldn't just do that? Although I haven't reached the stage where i can circle the energy unconsciously, and i mimic hip circles to get the circular motion, sometimes I do feel the internal movement go on its own. Which is best?
Hi Ahmad:

Yes, it's reverse breathing, but on a functional level. Breathing exercises have their inception in functional physiology, not just imagination. It's only after the functional abilities develop that the more mind-body stuff develops. So just do the exercises at first and feel the pressure-stretch-support they do for your lower back and utilize the benefits they provide. Worry about the rest later.

All the Best.

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