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Re: Back Problems

Carol thanks for the exercise, not to sure I'm doing it right but the stretch feels along the buttocks as well the upper part of the thigh near the groin area. Btw, I do have bad knees especially on the right side. The pain is strictly acute and usually when I do seiza. It feels like a tight drawn string or ligament or something on the outer back part of the knee. Nothing at the joints itself. Chiro says its tight back muscles.

Avery! Heaven sent... you've had personal experience with these chiros? I'm seeing a south african one in Subang. But I'll check this guy out. Btw, if you stop by Malaysia sometime - pm or email me - we can meet up and train or something.

Mike... is this reverse breathing? I'm trying it out, also feels a like i'm about to do mingwen when applying the pressure to the spine through the abdomen. are you sure I shouldn't just do that? Although I haven't reached the stage where i can circle the energy unconsciously, and i mimic hip circles to get the circular motion, sometimes I do feel the internal movement go on its own. Which is best?


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