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Originally posted by lt-rentaroo

I would like to go, but I'm just a bit too far away. I will be going to Mitsunari Kanai Shihan's seminar at the Aikido Tanshinjuku Dojo in Lafeyette, Colorado. It is February 22,23,24. There is more info on the dojo website.

Happy Training!
Hi Louis, it's good to trade bytes with you again.

I'd hoped that of all the people that hang out here, someone was in the Dayton, OH area and would be attending. Oh, well.

To be honest, 50% of the reason for my going is to train with Paul Clark again. Lucky for him that his assignment took him to Wright-Patterson where there is another of the few Iwama dojo east of CA.

I can't remember if he was training with us when you where here or not. He was the young LtCol. I seem to remember there being some banter back and forth between you two.

He came along very quickly with us and recently tested for 3rd kyu ahead of schedule with his new dojo. It made me feel pretty good about our efforts to produce quality students.

Best Regards,

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