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Re: Bad knees

couple of thoughts.
first of all, any regimen that requires ice and anti-inflammatories cannot be a long-term healthy one, can it?
second of all, activity for avoiding knee injury would focus on core strength and plyometric exercises (off the mat), applying the principles learned there on the mat as one moves.
"mending knee injuries"--depends on what has been injured. But soft tissue needs 6 to 8 wks minimum to heal, and reinjury in that time is easy and resets the clock to zero while adding new injury to surrounding tissue making i tmore likely to develop into a chronic injury.
On the basis of yrs of observation/anecdote, not on the basis of research, I do suspect it is widespread failures by practitioners to adequately rest/heal/rehab that has contributed more to chronic knee problems in aikido than any specific acute injury.

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