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Re: Bad knees

Mark Uttech wrote:
Back in the day, there was an article in Aikido Today Journal that pointed out that ibuprofen actually damages joints in the long run. So sometimes the short run and the long run aren't really friends.

In gassho,
I would be interested in a citation on that. I have never heard of joint damage as a direct effect of NSAIDS. Net searches turn up nothing. Now, if you take ibuprofen for the purpose of continuing to train through pain that you otherwise wouldn't, that's a different story. There, it's not the drug that's damaging the joint, it's you. This would be considered a misuse or abuse of the drug by many doctors and therapists. Of course, it happens all the time in sports, because they care a lot more about winning than their geriatric futures.

The primary problematic side efffects of NSAIDS are stomach irritation and disruption of the clotting capabilities of blood platelets.
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