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Bad knees

It could be suwariwaza it could be hamni handachi or just plain seiza. All I know and noticed is majority of the yudansha have a problem with their knees. A few knee surgical stories and knee reconstruction have been reported in our organisation.

Aikido is suppose to make our Joints stronger. So why is it destroying or negatively affecting one of the most important joints in the body?

I have resorted to knee pads of all sorts. They can be quite annoying on a sticky and sweaty summers day especially if you are on your knees doing techniques. However if they save my knees I'll wear them. I'm in my 30's and if God permits I would still need my knees for another 40+ years.

If you have any experience on knee care, how to mend knee injuries, or how to avoid them please kindly share your valuable two cents. It may save a young aikidoka's knees somewhere.
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