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connie brown
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Re: Poll: Has aikido changed your spiritual life?

I had a very active spiritual life before I began aikido, and I feel that my aikido practice has changed and developed that as well as most other aspects of my life. The spiritual side of aikido isn't talked about much in my dojo, but of course you can feel that it's there. I use aikido as an extension of my spiritual practices, and it's given me the ability to experience a deeper level of commitment and self-discipline in my spiritual life.

Also, I feel that because aikido is so physical, being a martial art, and yet also has deep spiritual roots, it helps to bring an awareness of spiritual experience into everyday life. Since I began aikido, I've been able to start seeing other aspects of my life, like my job, and housework, and relationships, as spiritual practices too. If you can be patient, or emotionally strong, or whatever, on the mats, then you start to realize you can be those things in daily life as well.

It's an ongoing journey on all levels.
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