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Carol Shifflett
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Re: Back Problems

Ahmad Abas wrote:
Can't put my feet together without strain when lying on my back. (feet together close not just heels). . . . I'm thinking, more stretching ought to do the trick. Maybe yoga or something.
Ahmad, what have you been doing?? Lots and lots of karate side-kicks perhaps? You are describing a severe contraction of the hip ABductors -- the muscles that pull your leg out to the side -- THOSE are what need to be stretched. They WILL cause back pain (as illustrated in my last post), yank on the lumbar fascia and force other muscles to work overtime in overcoming their shortness and contractions. Adductors are the muscles which are straining to overcome the tense medial glutes. Tighten those up and you'll end up with groin pain, leg pain, knee pain -- and then won't you be in an awful fix! Not pleasant!

Get your bodyworker to loosen up glute medius and minimus in particular and then show you how to stretch those properly. You will also need attention to the adductors which you are now straining with an abnormal walk.

The reason why walking up stairs with a load might have fired this off is that the medial glutes (and also ask about quadratus lumborum) help to stabilize the pelvis under load and you added a load above and beyond normal load. Again, this is diagnosing over the Internet, but now it all fits.

Good luck!
Carol Shifflett
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