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Lee Mulgrew
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Re: Advertising for your local dojo!

Simone Koerner wrote:
Hi Krystyna,

now I know where you got the ideas for your t-shirts. I've seen them, folks, they look great!

Did you enjoy the course?

Simone (feverish uno-player who has to go to bed early...)
are we talking about the family reunion in Scarborough here? how much fun was that?! tony did a fantastic job organising it (even if i could only make it for a few days )
anyway, back on track...
aikido, a martial art for the lazy....
the less you need to move, the better you are!

or for noobies: Grab me .... no not like that,like this, no, no, you have to let me!!!

I don't think that's a good advert though really is it?
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