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Re: Back Problems

Holy cow, I don't think I understood half of the diagnose up there. But to answer your question, sadly no... my back is not getting better. Btw, Spinal Protusion isn't a bulging disc. Is a condition whereby the spinal fluid from one of the disc (in this case 3rd or 4th disc) has escape its encapsulation. The fluid touches the nerves and causes nerve pain.

As for where. Well Carol's 3rd pic on the lower side shows the place where it is. Again, its acute pain. Until recently of course where the tinge remains consistent now. I think Kevin's summary touched a nerve (pardon the pun). I'm on the desk most days in a week for like 4-5 hours stretch and 8-9 hours at least in total a day. Whenever I realise it, I will stop slouching but I don't think its a cure.

I had chiro sessions recently and I'm now using the chiro feet pads because apparently I have flat feet. Jeez, what else can go wrong. The chiro blames my feet and tight back muscles on the back pain. He showed that I can't really put my feet together without using a lot of muscle. (yeah its a strain to put my feet together. Its sad).

On top of that, my aikido time has taken a nose dive. I'm losing confidence in one dojo and the other dojo runs on student timetable. Since its the holidays, there's no aikido. Someone help! I'm swimming a lot now thinking that more back muscles would help, also tried kicking with a swim board. That was no good, gave me back pain.

I think I'll just take up shooting instead. Ukemi is fall down and die.

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