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Amir Krause
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Re: Kuzushi for kaiten nage

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
We have been focusing on kaiten nage a bit and the problem of effective kuzushi has surfaced. My question is directed towards kaiten nage from the strikes - shomen, tsuki and yokomen.

When uke strikes shomenuchi, is the downward cut on his arm enough to make uke bend downwards? Some ukes are very stable after striking, even after following through, so it feels like one is forcing uke to bend forwards. I'm not sure if it's due to the:
(1) position of cutting - cutting on his wrist rather than the elbow gives more leverage
(2) timing - need to catch his cut and 'add' to it
(3) timing2 - need to cut his arm and head simultaneously

I'm trying to gently guide uke's wrist slightly forward before cutting to encourage him to stumble forward... but this doesn't seem to be working

Even more difficult than shomenuchi because uke's strike is horizontal, but one is trying to guide it downwards

Surprisingly, this feels easier, because the initial movement is similar to ikkyo, so one can 'encourage' uke to stumble backwards before moving into kaiten

Would be grateful for people's advice on my thoughts...
Actually, I think you raised all the points yourself.

One part of the problem that concerns point 3 is that most people are not willing to strike the head for the Kuzushi, which is understandable in training circumstances (the place being hit is very vulnerable). A cut of the arm only (preferably around the wrist) is not sufficient when Uke is more fluid and soft in his attack.
Uke should be good enough to realize your intention to hit him with your cut to the head and respond to this cut - creating one part of the Kuzushi.

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