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Carol Shifflett
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Re: Back Problems

Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
You are way deeper into symptomatic treatment than me..
Only because I treat.
That stuff is good, I suppose, but it's only pain. I only care about the specifics of the injury insofar as finding the cause. Hence, I actually think it is better in many cases not to ameliorate pain, so that you can use it as feedback to know whether you are effecting the cause.
The two work together. Pain patterns suggest a muscle, while the muscle suggests the precipitating / perpetuating factor, whether it's too much computer / truck / sword practice time or whatnot. And to recap: "My [back/head/leg] hurts! What do I do?" isn't enough. Hurts where?

Meanwhile, "ONLY" pain?? Ouch! You're a tougher man than I am!

Carol Shifflett
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