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Re: Losing weight with a bad back


I was thinking this was an older person and the injury was also old, for some reason. After rereading it more carefully, I guess I agree about some medical assessment - in my state it would be a Sports Medicine doctor. I have no idea in the UK. Although I'd still say it is borderline "subclinical" if there are no Aikido-related pains, and only problems with situps.

What I used to tell people is to call or show up at the offices of local college football or other sports teams, or even high school if it's a high level program. Talk to the coaches and trainers to try to find out who they bring in or send their athletes to. This might be more likely to produce a doctor who understands the aims and needs of someone enthusiastic to get back in action. Many doctors and even PTs are nearly useless for athletic purposes - I have heard some of the dumbest, least useful assessments from them.

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