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Re: Aikido and Climbing

Keith Gotschall wrote:
Hi Aaron... I know what you mean. I am in the UK, which is great, but I miss Colorado terribly. If the weather was good enough to climb all the time however, I wouldn't have found Aikido. So that's a plus.

The connection of Nikkyo to crack climbing is especially profound. For those of you who don't know, the hand can go in thumbs up, or thumbs down. When thumbs down (pinky finger up, obviously) you insert the hand and rotate your bent elbow down. the back of your hand and the heel part of your hand provide friction enough to pull on, even in parallel sided cracks. Incredibly steep climbs can be done this way. You pull down hard, but nikkyo doesn't seem to go "on" exactly, it is more the pain on the back of your hand that kills.

The hips coming in is also important on the steep. Anyone in the Devon area, give a shout and lets rope up!


I'm in the same boat--I got into Aikido out of frustration with the decrease in the quality of outdoor recreation afforded by Philadelphia as opposed to Denver...I figured if I can't climb mountains, I might as well get into something else...
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