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Mike Sigman
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Re: Competition again!!!

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I was watching that clip again, and I think I see a *lot* of honesty in that relationship. I like how the teacher not only checks his student's balance and form, but also makes sure stupid openings aren't alllowed to creep in, like when he makes the student aware that his head is wide open to attack, or when the student starts to turn his back. He maintains a pretty high level of martial integrity, even though they are obviously working on some pretty specific body skills. The little foot sweep was nice, too...

That guy must be a really good person to study under.
Tung Fu Ling (Tung Hu Ling . I think they now spell it "Dong") died a few years ago. Diabetes. He has sons that teach in Hawaii and in L.A., but exactly how open they are is a matter often discussed (isn't it always, though?).


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