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Re: Competition again!!!

Nicholas Pagnucco wrote:
Could you elaborate on this a bit? Is this about movement & 'techniques trees' (if X then Y, if A then B, etc), or something else?

EDIT: re-worded for (attempted) clarity
Trying to keep it as succinct as I can, I think what I'm trying to say is that too many Aikido people are under the impression that "aiki" has a lot to do with arm/hand/wrist techniques at a certain "ma ai" (a word which reinforces the idea of always having a "distance" even though after you get started, "ma ai" disappears).... I'm saying that "aiki" can be done even with the bodies touching, at elbow distance, with your back or shoulder (as Shioda, Ueshiba, and others have done), etc. In other words, if you watch a generic Aikido demonstration, the techniques are restricted, ultimately restricting how Aikidoists engage in any real conflict. IMO. Needs to be opened up.

Go back and look at how Tung used his body touching the opponent to send the opponent away with kokyu power. That's what kokyu looks like; it can be done with any part of the body.


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