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Re: Competition again!!!

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Did Tung Fu Ling study Bagua as well?
Hmmmmm.... I can't remember, Ron. It's been too long since I talked about the Tung family. You saw the typical "irimi nage" type move, didn't you? Unfortunately, that basic tactic is not only in Aikido and Bagua, but in many other CMA's as well, so it's hard to relate his turning moves to anything in particular.

If you notice, Tung blends rapidly and well with the movements of his opponent/student (actually, if you have any experience, you can pick up where the student actually thwarts Tung on a fair number of moves, so while this isn't real fighting, it's not fully cooperative, either). Essentially, I don't see anything that Tung isn't doing that would stun me to see Shioda or others use in Aikido. There's plenty of "aiki" to go around.

The thing that used to interest me in that old tape was that it gave me an opportunity to judge Tung's internal strength (this is a complicated topic, so I'm only going to be superficial). Tung is pretty powerful in his body conditioning. Many techniques are made or broken by the power of the person applying them and Tung is certainly powerful. Yet his power is nothing different from what I personally think a good Aikidoist should have.

So take a generic "Aikido", widen out the potential responses to include more impulse/instinctive manipulations of Uke (like Shioda did; like Tung does), and add power like Tung and some of the other Aikidoists have (but don't display, just as O-Sensei didn't)... and I think you have a pretty damned powerful art that doesn't need to go to karate, Taiji, Systema, etc., for "what's missing".

My opinion, FWIW.

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