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Re: Rhythm/Speed/Musubi - How they work

Ian Dodkins wrote:
Jes' man - do you have to write your PhD thesis on aikiweb?
Nah. just thinking out loud, really.
Ian Dodkins wrote:
Are you saying that there is some unstopable cascade of thought/movement from uke which we are able to react to because we are relaxed, and thus by 'not-controlling' we can actually control the movement?
If you mean stoppable by uke, stoppable implies that it is under voluntary control, and subsensory cues are, almost by definition, not under voluntary control. There are many consistently enriched poker players, and many consitently busted one's, who prove the point with some force.

If by stoppable you mean stoppable by nage, then yes they are eminanetly stoppable -- too stoppable in fact -- by the least intent or preparation we might make to control or correct uke's perceived actions.

However, even dumb animals may be trained (on either side) -- and this part of the psyche responds to the same basic methods as they would - train, train, train...

Ledyard Sensei's points about how to deal with the conscious attention we cannot (and would not) do away with is well put, however.


Erick Mead
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