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Re: Rhythm/Speed/Musubi - How they work

Erick Mead wrote:
...Since we are capable of using neuromuscular signals below the perceptible limit to provoke feedback for postural balance..
Jes' man - do you have to write your PhD thesis on aikiweb?

Are you saying that there is some unstopable cascade of thought/movement from uke which we are able to react to because we are relaxed, and thus by 'not-controlling' we can actually control the movement?

- I like your exercises Ledyard Sensei. I have a student who is a fencer (with swords - not selling stolen goods) who is particularly subtle with giving away any intentions. This idea of Musubi is certainly something I wish to develop further in my own training. If it does work it is surely the ultimate strategy. This year, due to pressure from my students, I have done lots of jo practise. I was certainly suprised at how spontaneous awareness of the next persons move (even outside forms) develops.

P.S. for anyone interested, though I'm not a John Stevens fan, this book by hip I think is excellent:

Teshu - Sword of No Sword

And it illustrates that teshu (on achieving enlightenment) also felt that this projection of intention/spirit was vitally important in sword fighting.

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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