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Re: Training the Body. Part 2: Exercesis

Johan Look wrote:
Hey Rob,
I've been working with that first exercise and am wondering if I'm doing it right. Am I meant to feel it in my abs also? I find that when I've got the small of my back flattened out it really puts the emphasis on my abs although I feel that ming mein area working too. All in all this exercise makes me feel pretty damn uncoordinated!
Hi Johan,

As a newb to these exercises too, I feel the same thing (ie, being kinda uncoordinated!). Especially I find trying to keep the small of the back pressed out makes things real hard work.

I felt it in my abs too, although probably more right down the bottom, like if you were to put your palm on your lower abdomen with thumb at belly button level - that's the area that ends up working fairly hard on me.

Dave Findlay
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