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Re: Training the Body for Martial Movement

Robert John wrote:
...since a lot of this stuff can be open for interpreation until its been shown in person.
That's the bit that kinda sucks well, its an obvious limit of this medium, but we takes what we can guess I s'pose (gratiously, of course )

Thanks a lot for the feedback - I'll give them a think and might have some additional questions on them. And as mentioned, will ask about Pt II tomorrow (gotta go to bed now...)

Robert John wrote:
Good questions though,
I'm glad to know some people are playing around with it to see what kind of feedback they get in their own bodies.
Hey, I've gotta ask! Especially given I actually want to get more of a handle on this stuff. The problem I'm finding is that it is almost like a secret code - and not perhaps that all the time its _meant_ to be, but its just that the nature of the beast lends itself to somewhat indefinite terminology. Golden buddahs, silver threads, and "ki" (lets not go there just now!! ) are cases in point... But, bit by bit, its trying to peel the onion - (yes, yes, crying analogies very relevant )

Thanks. Ja - mata,
Dave Findlay
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