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Hello! I am brand new to this board, and very new to Aikido as well. I just completed my second month and I like it very much so far. I posted a new thread earlier today but it seems to have disappeared so I'll ask my question again.

Recently I have becomes aware of people that I like to throw and people who are rather difficult to practice with. Although every single person I've met in my Dojo is extremely nice (some of the nicest people I have ever met) some of them seem to make it difficult for me to throw them and others just go with whatever I do. I really like it when senior students make it difficult for me because it makes it easier to find the correct way to apply the technique. If I am doing something wrong or applying a hold wrong, they will not tap or make it impossible for me to move them, then point out that I'm trying to use my physical strength to move them instead of momentum. This helps a great deal. However, some of the others make it too easy it seems even when I do not run the technique correctly. In wrestling we called these people "dead fish" because the just flop around and anticipate when their fall is coming and don't really offer much resistance. But that's not my problem. My problem is that often when I am the Uke, I find myself being the dead fish because sometimes I do not feel comfortable trying to thwart my senior students efforts, or challenge them. So, my question is: Is it more important to be a solid Uke when being thrown by senior students, or just anticipate the fall and go with it? Thank you very much for any advice you can offer! I appreciate it greatly.
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