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Re: Kokyu Nage techniques do they work?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Kokyu nage are completly useless as teaching tools.

Yes, exactly like that. One must start by doing(many years!!!) Jujutsu with the aikido syllabus -- if he is not experiences martial artist or fighter. There are not shortcuts. O sensei did it for years before being able to do koyu nage on ANYBODY.
Or you think may be we, mortals, are more gifted then he was?
Thank you, Szczepan forthe compliment. And all the others, too.

I do not want to argue about the first point. You are the teacher, not me.

I totally agree, that it necessary to do the technique as Jujutsu in the beginning. No objection.

And now I am getting on black ice, as I do not know all the variations of Jujutsu.

As I understood, the idea of Jujutsu is (very simplified) "To improve your technique, use more power and speed. If that is not enough, there are some tricks to get along."
So you start with body-building, weight lifting, running, etc. until you are as fit as possible. Then you are refining your technique.

My understanding of aikido is, that you use as few physical power as possible. You use all gearing effects, you can (strong locks) and all energy your opponent provides. Everything that is missing must be taken from your own power and speed. But to use your opponents power, you must recognise it. Not only direction, level and speed, but all the system behind it, physically and mentally. That is not true for the kokyunage syllabus, but for all technique, starting and ending with ikkyo.
Does this also satisfy your curiousness, Aristeia?

Regarding O Sensei. He was as mortal as you and me. He dedicated all his life to budo and was extraordinarily talented, so he evolved to one of the best budoka, seen.

He buit up muscles and was very strong and used all his strength in his technique - until he grew older and realised, that he must go beyond strength and changed all his technique.

It is a good idea to go the same way. Maybe the best as then it is YOUR way. Or you can try to learn from others and try to go a more direct path, where you are facing the risk to miss something important. But you might get there earlier. Not me as 2 sessions a week is far too few, unless a miracle happens. But there are other talented people out there, who might find wonderful ways, if not to improve aikdido, but maybe a better way to lead on the path.

The chance might be low, but would have bet a few trillions of years ago, that out of this slimy mud something weird like human beings would evolve?

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