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Re: Kokyu Nage techniques do they work?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Kokyu nage are completly useless as teaching tools. Don't waste your time to do two milions of kokyu nage every day.
That may be your experience.

I've seen the opposite where the moves from kokyuho nages are related to more "technique" based activities and there is a structured development process in place.

In this case they are VERY USEFUL as a teaching tool, developing movement without the hindrance of the students slipping into 'fight mode' without using the correct moves.

I would tend to agree that kokyuho nage in isolation has reduced benefits but when aligned with more "technique" based stuff I feel major synergy is achieved.

Incidentally - very few things are completely useless. Sitting in the corner of the mat meditating is good for some, training like a maniac is good for others.

To me there is no black and white...hence the white and black spots in the white and black areas within yin yang sign for MA.
(if you follow me.... )



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