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Re: Kokyu Nage techniques do they work?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:

And what will put uke out of balance? Your firm glance? May be KI power? LOL
No my friend. Forget kokyu nage. Forget esoteric theories.
Kanetsuka sensei teachs exactly like that -- strong locks right from the beginning.
nonsense. Kokyu nage works and it can work ql;uite early. I was getting more value out of kokyu in the early play around with your mates phase than I was out of many kihon. Provided you get a committed attack.

Let me rephrase my previous point - if your kokyu doesn't put them down then you transition into kihon.
Take Shomen Uchu. You can step through and turn, guiding the attacking arm down for a kokyu throw. If you mis time it or they recover you can maintain connection and draw them through for a shiho nage.
There's nothing esoteric about it. No need for mysterious Ki discussions.
Phases of Aikido techniques =
Moving of the line
Taking balance
finishing (individual techniques)

If the taking balance is done far enough to lead them straight to the ground, that = kokyu. If not, go on to the next step.

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