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Re: Kokyu Nage techniques do they work?

Kokyu nage are completly useless as teaching tools. Don't waste your time to do two milions of kokyu nage every day. This track lead to the precipice.Don't cheat yourself -- you are not 8th dan.
Beacause ability of doing kokyu nage must be a RESULT of your traning. Not a START. Before you can do that, one must practice locking, leverages, one word -- Real Things.
The implication of which being that if you don't get uke's balance with the kokyu enough to make them fall it should just flow into another waza.
And what will put uke out of balance? Your firm glance? May be KI power? LOL
No my friend. Forget kokyu nage. Forget esoteric theories.
Kanetsuka sensei teachs exactly like that -- strong locks right from the beginning.

Then you are just doing Jujutsu with the aikido syllabus.
Yes, exactly like that. One must start by doing(many years!!!) Jujutsu with the aikido syllabus -- if he is not experiences martial artist or fighter. There are not shortcuts. O sensei did it for years before being able to do koyu nage on ANYBODY.
Or you think may be we, mortals, are more gifted then he was?


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