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Did you get a handbook or handouts on rules and testing when you joined? If so, check to be sure you don't already have the answer. If not, you could either ask your sensei, or if it is easier, one of the senior students. As was said, each organization, and even each dojo, is different.

At my first, you asked to be tested for the first 6 kyu ranks when you felt ready, and were tested for the last 6 kyu ranks when Sensei decided (surprise )

At my next one, probably because nearly all the members were Dan rank, no one talked about testing...finally I asked what the requirements would be if I were to test, and the instructors were like "oh, testing , yeah, what a good idea..." and they set up a test for me and the few other kyu students.

But what others have done is pretty meaningless. Some dojos test weapons from the first tests onwards, some don't until Dan tests, and everything in between. Some test four or five techniques, some ten times that amount...or more the only measurement is: do you feel ready, and does your sensei think you are...
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