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Charles Hill
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Re: Poll: Is there a universally accepted definition of the term "aikido"?

Hi Don,

I don't think so, but I could be wrong. If one infuses the profane with the sacred, that sounds to me like the profane is primary or fundamental. I see it as M. Ueshiba considering the spiritual primary and the martial secondary. We know that Sokaku was unhappy with changes Morihei made, yet Morihei did not change back and in fact went even further with changes after the war. An interesting question is, would he have changed things if Onisaburo had told him to. For example, that martial arts are wrong and you should drop them. Of course, we don't know the answer, but I suspect he may have made those changes.

From my reading of your post, I felt that this was somewhat different than what you wrote. If I misread your post, my apologies.
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