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Re: aikido and competition

Sean Orchard wrote:
I like that view of things too, and the etymology is correct, afaik.

The "com" part of the word is the same, and means "together"

In "companion", the second part is from "panis" meaning bread - a companion is someone you share bread with.
The French copain (mate, friend, originally slang now moving into common parlance) has the same root. The origine, as far as I know, comes from lower class backgrounds. Bread was used as a plate and food put on it. To share your bread, you were effectively eating from the same plate.

Sean Orchard wrote:
Its all latin, by the way.
There's a good etymological dictionary online here:
Latin and classics in general are much under rated and it's a shame. Anyone should read Gaius Julius Ceasar and Cicero. Nescire quid antea quam natus sis accideret id est semper puerum esse - quid enim est aetas hominis nisi memoria rerum nostrarum cum superiorum aetate contexerit

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