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Re: aikido and competition

I use competition as a way to test myself and my use of my art so that I can find my weaknesses and work to eliminate them. If I always worked cooperatively with people, I'd never find my weaknesses. I don't actually go to tournaments and compete to win prizes, but I do test myself against others in class and visiting whenever possible since that gives the broadest scope for trying stuff out.
Michael Gallagher wrote:
Good questions. I'm not sure I'd call what I do online -- not just in Aikiweb but in usenet, too -- "venting." Is it being aggressive? If it is, it's so subtle, I don't know it!

I suppose I like to argue more than I should. Is that "aggressive"? No idea. But I try to avoid staying in a contentious thread too long because they can be emotionally draining. It's easy enough to do in Usenet because I use forte agent in offline mode; I see a thread that already has hundreds of replies, I avoid it! Harder to do in a BB situation like this one. But I try not to get stuck in threads for too long. I don't always succeed, but I try!
When I've been involved in a thread for any length of time, it's been because the posts have been helping me think things through, clarify my thinking and refine my ideas. I don't post just to argue, and (naive as I am) I'm surprised to see a poster say one of the reasons to come onto forums is to argue. That may well explain the behavior I've seen on some forums (not this one, of course!). I've been using email and forum precursors extensively for the past 25 years, which has been plenty of time to see what happens when people send whatever they think without thinking it through and to learn that careful writing and civil discourse is still by far the best way to use this media despite the freedom that comes with anonymity and non-heirarchy.
yeah, off topic, but Monty Python may be even more addictive than Aikido!
No it's not!!! (And this is from someone who had the entire Parrot, Cheese Shop and Sheep in the Trees sketches memorized in high school.)
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