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Re: aikido and competition

Mark Walsh wrote:
.... 1. Is it kind/useful/ appropriate for us to vent on AikiWeb (I'm not saying I don't do it!!!)
2. How do you differentiate catharsis from practicing being aggressive? .....
Good questions. I'm not sure I'd call what I do online -- not just in Aikiweb but in usenet, too -- "venting." Is it being aggressive? If it is, it's so subtle, I don't know it!

I suppose I like to argue more than I should. Is that "aggressive"? No idea. But I try to avoid staying in a contentious thread too long because they can be emotionally draining. It's easy enough to do in Usenet because I use forte agent in offline mode; I see a thread that already has hundreds of replies, I avoid it! Harder to do in a BB situation like this one. But I try not to get stuck in threads for too long. I don't always succeed, but I try!
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