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Ron Tisdale
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Re: aikido and competition

Hi Mark W.,

I think AikiWeb is doing just fine, even with some of the current side discussions. I think in some ways we've made pretty good strides recently, with some very interesting topics being more openly discussed and with more information sharing. Some of that progress has been difficult to achieve.

If I look at this board and some others:

E-budo -- the Aikido forum is not anywhere near as active as this board, or even as it used to be.

AJ -- Same. A strong effort was made there toward more moderation to cull out the dross and almost killed the board. Luckily it has survived, but at some cost.

BudoSeek -- again, the aikido forum is not anywhere near as popular as AikiWeb.

So I think this forum does very well when stacked up against the "competition" (just so's to stay on topic)...

Is it kind/useful/ appropriate for us to vent on AikiWeb
KInd?? Now we have to be KIND??


Appropriate...sometimes. Almost everything is appropriate...sometime...


Ron Tisdale
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