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Re: Poll: Is there a universally accepted definition of the term "aikido"?

David Skaggs wrote:
Yes O'Sensei was a spiritual person from when he was a little boy but his start into martial arts was not to express his spirituality but to develope enormous physical strength and martial skill because of his father's trouble with rival political foes hiring thugs to beat his father up.
I agree, but I think this oversimpifies. I don't think there was that much of a contradiction in Osensei's mind between body and spirit.

The spiritual came out as he got older and during the developement of his art.
In the Shingon Buddhist tradition, to which he was initiated at 7, and it's "secular" offshoots in the form of MICHI such as poetry, Noh, carpentry, etc., one infuses one's practice of the profane with the sacred. This is done in manners considered laughable today, such as punning (the word IS the THING, of course and contra our modern sensibility disallowing the map as the territory), numerology, et al. but it is/was the currency of mystical pursuit. I doubt myself that there was such a breach in the man's practice of bujutsu over and against spirituality. We see how seamlessly he taught his precious budo to the wildest factions of reaction during the 15 Year War, e.g.

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