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Re: Training the Body for Martial Movement

Nicholas Pagnucco wrote:

What did they want to 'moderate' in that piece? And how much is this 'Ark gospel'? I'd assume a lot?

I need to read it a few more times, but yeah, this seems very useful to me. Thank you.
Who knows. They're a funny bunch.
Always wanting to see "video" of stuff, but when you invite them to check you out hardly anyone steps up.

I guess you could say all of the stuff written is what I've understood so far training under Ark. My understanding on the matter definitely wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for the late night drinking sessions (where half of class tends to take place )
A lot of it he did explain to me, but I had to develop the feel in person as well as the skill before I could write it in the manner I can now.
I'm still at the very beginning stages though.
Everything I described is only the tip of the iceberg, on top of which you can layer different methods of internal "torque", breathing, dis-connections, waves,"input force", etc. But unless the bodies foundation is trained this way first, you can't develop the other stuff.

There's an article on which I translated from Japanese describing the overall training process, called Kei-Kou-Hou, for those interested.

In fact if people are bored enough, feel free to give me feedback on that as well
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