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Re: aikido and competition

Michael Gelum wrote:
...If you would'nt mind...I would like to hear those reasons,please.
Jumping in here and contributing my two cents. From what I have experenced, there are profound differences in perception when living with a competetive mindset instead of a cooperative mindset. Boiled down to the simplest expression I can come up with, it's the difference between mastery of the other and mastery of the self.
I have a feeling that O'sensei, in his proclaimed state of being one with the universe, actually saw no difference between the self and the other. Thus, how can there be competition with no one to compete with? The whole idea of competition would be rendered absurd, and a waste of time.


p.s. - this is in no way, shape, or form a critique of Aikido that has incorporated competition. Just my musings on esoteric matters
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