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Nick Pagnucco
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Re: Training the Body for Martial Movement

Robert John wrote:
Ah huh... so how do I train this??

Next I'm going to cover exercises that develop the body in the manner outlined above.

If you want me to
FIrst, yes, I want you to

Second, if I understood this stuff better, the kind of understanding that happens outside of reading text, I would be VERY interested in seeing how all this could apply to the aiki taiso training exercises before class. IIRC, Ellis Amdur & Mike Sigman both say the exercises could definitely be done in a way to train in things like this.

As it stands, I take hints from what I read, but until my situation changes in about 4 ways, I won't have the ability to hunt anyone down to learn this stuff in person. So, in a word, phooey.
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