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Hugs, beers and flames

Originally posted by Largo
In my old dojo a fair number of us would go drinking afterwards... but I can't think of anything else specific.
(pre-flame note: 1) this was a karate dojo 2)This was a college club, and we were all about the same age, and were legal. I know this probably wasn't a typical dojo.)
Eh? Why should that be flamebait? If it is, I suggest, quite humbly, that the folks who'd flame you are wearing their shorts way too tight.

At The Dojo (http://www.the-dojo/com/) we try to get together as a group once a month (at least!) for snacks and beer and bad budo videos. And yes, we have a couple of folks who don't drink. Fine by 'em, too. They bring sodas or juice or tea.

It's not at all unsusual for members to get together to hike, catch a film, hang out, whatever. And yes, beer flows rather freely, having as we do, an excellent homebrewer amongst us.

We are very much a family and tend hug each other often, but hugging, individual or group, is not a part of our on-mat reishiki.

When we acquire new students, one of the things we DO look for is that spark between them and the folks already in the club. We don't really have any casual students (folks who drop in for training and disappear). We're a very small club and very intimate in terms of the training and in terms of our interactions.

Some of ya'll (including the Aikiweb meister, Jun) have been here and trained with us and you know what I mean.


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