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Re: Poll: Is there a universally accepted definition of the term "aikido"?

Amir Krause wrote:
Korindo Aikido followers, who acknowledge some connection between Sensei Minoro Hirai (Korindo founder) and Ueshiba but do not consider Hirai to be a follower or disciple of Ueshiba.

By making such a definition, you are already making some assumptions not everyone agrees with.


If you wonder about the history of Korindo, please search other threads in this forum and in E-Budo. As it is off-topic.
Amir, you are pointing your fingers, where it hurts

I did not want to add "and similar arts", as some people would reject many of those arts as aikido.

But why does Korindo call itself "Aikido", if it does not refer to one of the Aikido sensei?

If you really want to spoil my deinition, you might even ask if "martial art" is a term to define aiki-DO. A WAY is never an art.

Charles', i.e. Kisshomaru's definition is probably better than mine. In any case the higher the level the easier you find common sense.

As there is no trademark, you could say
"Aikido is everything that is called ", but I would use the term only if ...

best regards

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