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Re: Losing weight with a bad back

Changing the body's metabolism is key. The naturopaths recommend a ketogenic diet, i.e., not going into ketoacidosis like some have recommended via all protein, but to set the body up to burn fat. Basically, protein and fruits and vegetables. Very low carbs and no sugars or sodas. I have been following this diet since last week. I did not lose anything for a few days then from Thursday last week until this morning I dropped 10 lbs. Stopping sodas (diet Dr. Pepper was my nemesis) was a big deal for me. My joints stopped hurting within a few days of doing so.

Aerobic exercise-walking, biking, treadmill, exercise bike, running/jogging will all ramp your metabolism to burn fat after you stop.

If you cannot do situps, try crunches. Full sit ups kill my back and always have, but crunches are ok.
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