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Bokken and Jo questions

Hi Everyone,
I've been trying to research some information on bokken and jo technique and was wondering if anyone had some pointers.

Specifically I would like to know peoples opinions on the correct way of creating a high block with the jo and also the direction of a shomen cut using a bokken.

I have seen many different ways of blocking with the jo, but I find myself most often reverting to a block very similar to tonfa or sai. The high block is formed with the rearmost hand held high behind the head, with the jo running diagonally over the top of the head, held in the hand and running down the forearm of the forward hand (this is the part the resembles blocking with tonfa or sai). The jo is quite a ways forward and to diagonally across the body.

Alternatively I have seen and been told to block with the jo quite diagonally across the body, but with both the forward and rearmost arms at extension, creating a big gap between the head and the jo, and creating a wide gap between the tip of the jo and the line of the body.

My problem with the second block is that is very strong and requires a low stable stance (something akin to kibadachi), whereas my preferred block is much less rigid allowing you to turn and counter-attack very easily.

The second question I had is much simpler. I have been told repeatedly that shomen with the bokken is a cut and that the wrists stay straight throughout the technique. I have seen many experienced people flick their wrists at the apex and contact point of the cut (very similar to what is seen in Kendo) and wanted to know what people thought about the two methods.

Thanks for any advice!

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