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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Re: Relaxing the hips

Its very interesesting, tantalizing, but hard to "check" - for me anyway - since I have no way of telling whether what they say is correct or not. Maybe Mike Sigman or Rob John could throw light on this from a "connection" point of view. I had an interesting time with Akuzawa up in Tokyo on the weekend. He took me on his back and then proceeded to do shiko (the well-known sumo wrestler movement) and then push away two guys that were doing their best to push against his fingertips on both hands separately. I did not feel any tension at any time in the shoulders or back or hips, it stayed the same feeling on the outside no matter what he was doing. Very impressive, and an object lesson that whatever connections are there are not by means of tense individual "surface" muscles.
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