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Re: Steven Seagal and Aikido, your thoughts

my my this is a very old thread....

wonder why it poped up recently... anyway my thoughts on him... I've always been a fan, and I can safely say he is one of the inspirational figures that drove me to take up the art. I've grown up watching Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan et al... but during a time I was choosing which art to take, his movies stood out... Aikido made quite an impression on me becaue of its simplicity... there were no high jumps, no spinning kicks, no wire tricks. just the beauty of the art. True he does improvise due to the fact it is a movie, but it won my heart anyway.

I believe for future generations, there should be another Steven Segal in the movies, so people can become inquisitive (or even aware) about it.

My two cents.
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