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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Mike Sigman wrote:
Yeah, well, you're over your head in this one, so stoppit.
One can surely grasp the concept that one is not able to order others around.

Jin is the physical manifestation of qi... Smith never understood that.
Here we see the story change somewhat. Before, it was said, and I quote:

Smith and a lot of westerners were simply ignorant of what jin was. That's why they kept translating it ["it" referring to jin- Justin]as "intrinsic energy" .
to which it was showed with an actual reference that Smith and Zheng (I can't speak to the vague "a lot of westerners" that one keeps referring to) in their book said it was reasonable to describe qi as intrinsic energy.

So yes, one was incorrect when one said Smith translated jin as intrinsic energy, since it was showed he said it was reasonable to describe qi as intrinsic energy. The unsupported claim that Smith didn't understand that jin is a physical manifestation of qi is a red herring.

I'm about to join a few others and stick you on ignore unless...
One, and mystery 'others', are encouraged to use that feature of the bulletin board software at any time they see fit, of course. That, of course, has no bearing on any argument.

For all practical purposes, the "teacher test" is simply asking someone to do a no-inch hit with their palm... without any drawback and especially without letting the shoulder do the work, draw back, etc. The point is that if someone is a "teacher" of an internal art that is supposed to "move from the hara", they shouldn't do a hit with the shoulder, now should they?

Do you know how to do that, Justin?
The one claiming theories for the above, the one claiming to be able to do the above, and the one who claims that such a demonstration is meaningful, and the one who was therefore asked to demonstrate such a thing, should be the one producing evidence when asked, not people who don't believe, endorse, or claim what the claimant does.

Logic 101.

A secret of internal strength?:
"Let your weight from the crotch area BE in his hands."
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